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Leopold is a DJ and radio host from North London, with a true passion for music of all shapes and forms. Having been exposed to a lot of soul and jazz at a young age, this influence has been ever-present since he first put a needle to a record.

Developing a love for the underground side of house, disco and funk during his university years in Leeds, it spurred the start of a vinyl obsession. Heavily influenced by the Detroit sound and aesthetic, Leopold fused this with his funk sensibilities to hone a unique style on the decks, full of energy, emotion and groove.

A short stint working at east London’s renowned NTS radio led him to later host his own show, Natural Element, on various other stations. The show reflects his expansive taste, blurring genre boundaries and merging the old with the new.

An integral part of cosmic collective ‘Discofunk’, he also co-hosts the Cue Music show on Netil Radio and runs his own event series ‘Constellations’, which has invited down the likes of Kay Suzuki, Will Lister and Al Dobson Jr. Keep your eyes peeled for this rising star.



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